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Frequently Asked Questions






I just purchased a TRX Suspension Trainer - now what?

Whether you're new to TRX, need to brush up, or want to know how to tailor our TRX On-Demand workouts to fit your fitness needs - start with the Essentials program.

From the TRX On-Demand tab, you'll see a section for: workouts, collections and programs. Scroll to Programs and select the tile for "Get Started With Your TRX Straps" (Essentials Program)

What is TRX On-Demand?
TRX On-Demand are on-demand video workouts from top TRX pros. With diverse workouts to choose from, you can customize your training based on your time, focus, and level. Find expert-led classes you love with a community you love doing it with. Because when we move together, we move better. Whether you want to sweat alone, with others, or want 1:1 expert help, we’ve got you covered. Or if you are starting a new fitness journey, training for a triathlon, or trying to get your zen on –– we’ve got hundreds of on-demand videos for it all.
How do I view TRX On-Demand workouts?
From your dashboard, select ON-DEMAND from the top navigation menu. This will lead you to the On-Demand page categorized by workouts, collections, and programs. Simply select a workout and click the play button to start!
What type of workouts are on TRX On-Demand?

TRX On-Demand has diverse workouts to choose from, categorized into the below groups.

Strength Training classes: focused on building and developing musculature based on various strength principles: time under tension, muscle endurance, explosive strength, and functional strength. These classes aim to elevate your fitness for life through stronger and smoother movement.

Metabolic Conditioning classes: fuse strength movements with cardiovascular/plyometric movements to elevate one’s heart rate to support better heart health and weight loss. These classes are focused on maximum efficiency by integrating different energy systems through a challenging work-to-rest interval ratio.

Functional Movement classes: focused on fine-tuning TRX exercises and essential daily movements to enhance overall healthier and more helpful human movement. These classes move slower than Metabolic Conditioning or Strength classes.

Recovery sessions: focused on enhancing one’s mobility through slower, flowing movements. These classes are designed to be taken before or after workouts and repeatedly on off days to promote better functioning joints and quicker recovery.

The Essentials: short episodes to get you started with your TRX Suspension Trainer.

What is TRX LIVE?
TRX LIVE is an exciting group exercise live streaming experience that allows you to take our group classes from your laptop or mobile device.
What can you expect in a TRX LIVE workout?

During the TRX LIVE class, you will perform upper and lower body exercises that activate your core and allow you to build strength, improve flexibility, balance, and core stability. This 50-minute workout will give you an effective heart-pumping, total body workout in each class that will build strength, improves flexibility, balance, and core stability.

How difficult is a TRX LIVE class?
You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. Use your own body weight and gravity to work every muscle in your body with the help of one simple tool.
What should I wear for a TRX On-Demand or LIVE workout?
Please wear athletic clothes and closed-toed shoes. And don’t forget your water!
How do I book a TRX LIVE class?
Go here and log in. If this is your first time, please click REGISTER to set up your username and password. Once logged in, click on the LIVE tab at the top of the screen. You will see a schedule where you can choose the day and time of the class you would like to take. Please fill in the information to complete your registration. Once completed, click ADD TO CALENDAR to add the time slot onto your favorite digital calendar.
How much do TRX LIVE classes cost? Are there class packages available?
You can start a free 7-day trial for TRX Training Club to receive unlimited TRX LIVE classes and view all TRX On-Demand videos (subscription is $19.99/month after trial). You can also purchase single TRX LIVE classes for $10.00 USD.
How can I view the schedule of upcoming classes?
You can find the full TRX LIVE schedule here.
What time zone is the schedule shown in?
The schedule is shown on your device’s local time zone which can be set in your account section.
Can I sign up for a TRX LIVE class on the TRX app?
This feature is not available yet. In the meantime, tap here to reserve your class.
Is there a cutoff time to book a TRX LIVE class?
You can book a class anytime before the official class begins. Once purchased, we recommend joining the class within 5 minutes of the start time to ensure a safe and fulfilling experience.
Can I refer my friends and family to take TRX LIVE classes with me?
Yes! You can share a link to join the TRX Training Club by filling out the referral form on the website.
I can no longer make it to a TRX LIVE class. Can I get a refund?
For single class purchases, you must cancel more than 12 hours prior to class. You will receive a credit to your account, no refunds will be given.

For classes booked under your TRX Training Club monthly membership, please cancel 12 hours prior to class.
Do I need a TRX Suspension Trainer to join a TRX LIVE class?
Yes, you will need any one of our TRX suspension trainers in order to enjoy the full class experience. If you have not yet purchased a TRX Suspension Trainer, click here.
Do I need to have my camera on during a TRX LIVE class?
We recommend having your camera turned on so the coach can see how you are performing each exercise, including transitions, in order to provide real-time corrections on your form throughout the duration of the class. If you do not feel comfortable having your camera on, you are more than welcome to keep it off and follow the class as normal. For proper camera position, please click here.
Can I take a TRX LIVE class after the scheduled class time?
TRX LIVE classes are only available live at the designated time scheduled.
I am not able to log in - it says my username or password is not correct after trying multiple times.
Click on FORGOT MY PASSWORD—it will ask you to enter the username/email of your active account. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions.
What equipment do I need for a TRX LIVE class and how should I angle my camera?
You will need any one of our TRX Suspension Trainers and mat. We also suggest having water and a towel close by. For the best virtual experience, we highly recommend to use a laptop that is placed approximately 3-5 ft off the ground, and approximately 6ft away from your workout area to ensure that your TRX LIVE coach can see you and provide appropriate feedback.
Will the instructor know that I am signed up for a TRX LIVE class?
Instructors will have access to the names of participants who signed up for class in advance.
How can I see a history of the classes I have done and check what upcoming classes I have booked?
On your account dashboard, go to the top right of your screen and click on your profile icon. From there you will see a list of all upcoming classes and past bookings. For past bookings, you can book again with that coach by clicking BOOK NOW.
How do I add the scheduled class onto my digital calendar?
Once you complete registration for the class, you will see a button ADD TO CALENDAR. Once you click on that button, it will automatically connect to your digital calendar and sync.
When I click on the LIVE tab it takes me to a blank screen
Refresh the page and allow a few seconds for reload. If this is unsuccessful, log out of your account and log back in.
I tried to register for a class but a white screen appears when I click BOOK NOW.
Refresh the page and allow a few seconds to reload. If this is unsuccessful, log out of your account and log back in.
I didn't receive my confirmation email after I registered for a class?
Check your spam or junk mail. If you do not find your confirmation emails and would like them resent to you, please contact digital@trxtraining.com.
Can I use a non-branded TRX Suspension Trainer for the classes?
TRX LIVE and On-Demand content has been designed to be performed with one of our TRX Suspension Trainers. If you intend to take a class using a non branded piece of equipment, please check the equipment's safety manual/instructions prior to using it for our classes. For the best experience, we recommend purchasing one of our TRX Suspension models.
Do I have to perform all of the moves in class?
Not at all—do what feels comfortable for you. All TRX coaches are specially trained to push you and to provide modified progressions and regressions of each exercise depending on your fitness level.
How do I anchor and properly use the handles and foot cradles of my TRX Suspension Trainer?
Check out our tips and best practices located on our Getting Started PDF.
Staying hydrated:
Remember to stay hydrated and have plenty of water available to you for the duration of class.
I’ve never used a TRX Suspension Trainer before. Can I register for a TRX LIVE Class?
We highly recommend reviewing our “Get Started with your TRX Straps” videos in the on-demand video library to understand how to set up and use your TRX Suspension Trainer.
What fitness level or experience level is required to take TRX LIVE or On-Demand classes?
We welcome all levels at TRX . A TRX LIVE Class is a 50-minute, full-body strength and conditioning workout, designed for all levels. Our classes include exercises that will focus on upper body, lower body, and core movements that are evenly distributed throughout the class for an overall challenging and exciting experience.
What audio and video setup do you recommend?
Once you access the TRX LIVE class from your phone or computer, consider casting the video to a TV and/or casting the audio to a Bluetooth speaker for the best experience.
Can I participate in class from my smartphone?
Yes. You can participate in class from any Wi-Fi-enabled computer, tablet or phone.
Can I cast class onto my TV?
Yes. For specific instructions, check out casting the video to a TV.
How much bandwidth is the stream going to take?

We recommend a connection capable of at least 20 Mbps to experience TRX LIVE in HD quality.

Tips to Improve your Internet Speed and Connection:

• Restart your computer and modem
• Move your computer closer to the modem
• Hardwire your computer directly to your modem
• Close all other applications and windows in your browser

My video is not working for my TRX LIVE class, all I am getting is a spinning circle on a black screen.

Click on the CAMERA icon off then back on to help the camera reconnect. If this does not work, click on LEAVE to leave the session, click on NEXT SESSION to re-enter, and double-check that your camera is working in the Lobby before rejoining class. If this is still occurring, check your internet speed to ensure you have the proper bandwidth (a recommended minimum of 20 Mbps).

The video and/or audio quality of my TRX LIVE coach is very choppy and delayed

You may be experiencing an inconsistent internet bandwidth issue. The minimum requirement for internet speed to experience a TRX LIVE class in HD quality is 20 Mbps—please check your speed by clicking here.

My Bluetooth headphones/speaker and/or my external webcam is not working/connecting during my TRX LIVE class

Log out of the session by clicking LEAVE, then rejoin the session by clicking on NEXT SESSION on your dashboard. Confirm that your bluetooth headphones/speaker and/or external webcam is selected in the box before re-entering the session.

When I click on JOIN SESSION for my TRX LIVE class, nothing happens

If you try to join a session more than 30 minutes before the official class start time, the JOIN SESSION button will not be active. If you are within the 30 minute timeframe and are still not able to click the button, refresh your page and try again.

When I click on NEXT SESSION it just takes me to a grey/blank screen

First, make sure that you have officially registered for a class. If so, log out of your account, log back in, and try again.

I can hear other people speaking when I am joining the class, but I cannot see them.

The platform is designed for your maximum workout experience. You will only be able to see your TRX LIVE coach to prevent distraction from other participants joining/training and allow you to focus on your coach at all times. The coach will be able to see you along with others in the class, so be ready to receive some corrective feedback!

Where can I find information on the terms of service?
The TRX LIVE terms of service can be found here and supplemental terms here.
I have a comment/feedback on a specific instructor, who do I contact?

We always appreciate your feedback. Please email digital@trxtraining.com and they will make sure your message is relayed to the TRX LIVE team.